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Senior Clinical and Social Support, LLC

Concerned about an aging parent?

Need help finding services, housing or meaningful activities for an older relative?

Turn to caring, experienced professionals for help.

Joan Schwarz
MSW LCSW-C Geriatrics
Addressing the social and emotional needs of seniors and their families

Terrie Ship
RN MSN Geriatric Care Manager
Referral and Care Management Services

Both Terrie Ship, RN MSN and Joan Schwarz, MSW LCSW-C have over 25 years experience in their areas of expertise. As a registered nurse, Terrie works extensively in direct patient care, serves as a CPR instructor for professionals and families, teaches on the college level and administrative programs. Joining the Jewish Council for the Aging's Misler Adult Day Center as Health Director, her most recent position was as the Misler Center's Assistant Director.

Joan's social work career focuses on geriatric disability, chronic illness management, and program development for seniors. She leads workshops around the region, including conducting a presentation at a LifeSpan annual meeting on inclusion of assisted living residents in the activity programs of independent seniors. Joan, social worker and Activity Director at the Misler Center, went on to create and direct the award-winning activity program of Ring House; the independent apartment building of the Charles E. Smith Life Communities.

Terrie's BA in Psychology and BS in Nursing are from the University of Illinois and her Masters Degree in Nursing is from Chicago's Loyola University. Joan's BA in Sociology/Psychology (Queens College) and her Masters Degree in Social Work (Hunter College) are under the auspices of the City University of New York. She is certified as a social work clinician in the state of Maryland.

As long-term residents and colleagues of Montgomery County, Maryland, Joan and Terrie are available to provide a wide spectrum of services to help you with your aging family members.

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Terrie Ship and Joan Schwarz can provide guidance and
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